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Earth Tribe Village is composed of a wonderful collective of friends and family. Earth Tribe Village manifests each year in BRC to provide a home to our people. We strive to be environmentally friendly by using extremely efficient generators, minimizing waste output, and creating re-usable structures.

Earth Tribe's luscious spaces and complete camping experience is created so each camp member can fully experience the playa. When a village collectively shares tasks it frees up a lot of time for each separate member to go about having fun and learning at Burning Man!

In 2005 we built a public ambient dome. In 2006 we went bigger and built an esplanade large scale dance experience called "Flower of Life". In 2007 we will move back off esplanade into the "Green Zone" which is a collective of Burning Man camps focused on sustainability. This year ET village is working to heighten the experience of the people in the village streamlining village living to the ultimate. We will be building a larger, more organic central community space.


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